Friday, 23 August 2013

Sandbox fights :)

Well, I have forgotten about Frau Engel for some time, but seems like she can't forget about me at all and uses all her spare time trying to compete with me.  And as you can see, she has A LOT of spare time :)
Just take a look at the difference between clicks and likes :) 50 more likes than clicks? :) Oh, come on :D What about other likes? Got them the same way? :P

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A matter of principle.

There is a lady called Julia Engel aka Frau Engel, that builds sims 3 houses. We know each other personally, and she had access to my private page in VKontake (FB alike Russian, where I published my houses, interiors and drafts. Some time ago she started copying them and publish for downloading.
Some of you might think that it is not any big thing to worry about, and I would agree, but it is a matter of principle to me. There are some annoying aspects anyway.

1. She does it on purpose to annoy me (congrats. well done).
2. No, thanks, do not want to work for her popularity.
3. I cannot use my own drafts, ideas and architectural solutions, cuz she has already spread them around as her own.

"Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work
"Plagiarism is not a crime per se but in academia and industry it is a serious moral offence" (

4. It took much time, work and inspiration to build, to find textures, decor and furniture that fit. Weeks, months. Then she comes and just uses my work as an instruction "How to build a bungalow"(e.g.). A couple of hours - finished! Ready to get compliments for brilliant ideas and good sense of style. Nice.

5. I do not mind if anybody else uses my works as an inspiration source, but not her, as it was said before, it is a matter of principle.  Despite her stealing intellectual work of others, she goes mad if anybody borrows anything from her. So, if you were unlucky to be inspired of her works and want to build anything alike - get prepared to her reaction. Double standards policy. Just hate it.

Just to finish. She has many good houses, that are hers totally (if she had not stolen ideas from somebody whom I don´t know). And I wish her a lot of inspiration, new followers (remember not to borrow anything from her) and just being happy. Without me, please! Just leave me alone.

Julia, if you continue the same way, and try to borrow anything else from me again, I´ll spread this post. There are more honest and principled people in the world than you might think, and you will loose their respect.

The first pic is mine, the second is her house "Wald"
the first pic is my unfinished draft, where I especially liked columns standing in a pond. I was stupid enough to say it to her. Good bye.
Something that she called "English Cottage"(right pic). To make sure that I see her copy, she published the pic on the page with REAL life interiors, that I was subscribed to. 
Bungalow (left pic is mine). She told to one of our common friends, how surfed the Internet, trying to find the same content. 

yes, Julia, thanks to G.Z. I´ve seen this one too. You won an interior contest with "your" bright and unusual idea, didn't you? Good bye to another draft.

Actually, there could be one more house here. I became fed up a couple of days ago, when she used AGAIN the same kitchen construction, deco, furniture and textures in her new "Hearth and House" as I did in my "Homely One" (1 post ago). I did not want to make a lot of noise around the situation before, but that was the last drop and probably I overreacted, after more than a year of bullyng. Now it is high time to do anything to stop it.

Thanks for attention. I REALLY HOPE this list will NEVER get longer!


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Homely One, my new "old" house

Well, I can't decide what language to use actually.. English is most spoken, but I don't speak (and write) it perfectly. Anyway. The topic is my new house, that anyone can download. There are three versions: 1. fully furnished with deco and clutters download, 2. furnished without deco and clutters download, 3. totally empty download.